Product Solutions & Services


Composite Bridge System


The GArch Composite Bridge System is AIT Bridges’ first product and service offering. The composite arch technology was developed at the University of Maine’s Advanced Structure and Composite Center. The first GArch Composite Bridge was built in 2008 and today there are more than 25 of our composite arch bridges built around the world. 


The GArch Composite Bridge System is a cost-effective solution to medium-span overfill bridges. The system consists of FRP tubular elements, FRP decking, and headwall supported by a cast in place or precast footing. 


Composite Bridge System


The GBeam Composite Bridge System is AIT Bridges’ newest composite bridge system. The GBeam was developed in conjunction with the University of Maine’s Advanced Structure and Composite Center. AIT Bridges' first GBeam Composite Bridge, was built in Hampden, Maine in 2020.


The GBeam Composite Bridge Systems is a long-life solution to traditional steel and concrete medium-span deck bridges at a low cost. The system consists of lightweight FRP tub girders that are simply supported on standard foundations with precast panels or cast-in-place concrete bridge deck. 



Composite Decking


AIT Bridges developed a custom geometry, pultruded FRP composite decking product that eliminates the need for a concrete deck on the Composite Arch Bridge System. This lightweight decking panel can be manufactured to any length, easily attached with self-tapping screws to the composite arches, and support backfill. The Atlas decking product can easily be adapted to meet the needs of many other applications. 


Mobile Composite Manufacturing Unit


AIT Bridges has developed a cost-effective manufacturing process that requires minimal plant/equipment to produce the primary structural members of our systems. The Mobile Composite Manufacturing Unit (MCMU) is a self-contained 20′ standard shipping container that is fully outfitted with all the tools and equipment necessary for manufacture. It allows for local and scalable manufacturing at a low capital cost. The MCMU can use the local grid for electric supply or its supplied generator. The units can be outfitted and shipped globally


Engineering Services


As a leading composite engineering firm, we are always looking to assist our clients beyond just our product offerings. AIT Bridges offers bridge-related and other structural engineering services. Services offered, but not limited by AIT Bridges include Foundation Engineering for both Shallow and Deep foundations (Bridge Substructure), Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Structural Member Engineering, Bridge Superstructure Engineering ie Guard Rail and Barrier Systems, Retaining, Wing, and Head Wall Systems, Bridge Load Rating Analysis, Custom Civil Infrastructure Engineering, and Finite Element Modeling.