Video: CT Girder Meets Sledgehammer

Composite materials in the infrastructures industry are still considered new, and we see questions and concerns about their performance all the time. Thanks to the University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center, we know our composite bridge systems are stronger than traditional materials and rated to last over 100 years. However, sometimes seeing is believing. 

Recently, Joe Stilwell, MaineDOT Fabrication Engineer, who has been involved with the fabrication of the CT Girders wanted to find out the strength of our CT Girders firsthand… With a sledgehammer. After many swings of the sledgehammer, the CT Girder section only saw minimal cosmetic abrasions. The results happily surprised Stilwell and were anticipated by AIT engineers. If you still have doubts about the strength of composite materials, let us know and we can show you firsthand at our Brewer, Maine manufacturing facility.