Loutsis Creek Bridge on S.R. 203 in Duvall, WA Reopens.

Washington DOT announced this morning that Loutsis Creek bridge has reopened as of last night. This reopening comes only five weeks after the construction project closed the section of S.R. 203. WSDOT credits the accelerated bridge construction to the composite arch bridge system from AIT Bridges that was used as the super-structure of this project. The composite arch bridge system was completed in six days. Most of the time for the project was spent moving 19,000 cubic yards of materials or 2,000 dump-truck loads, so the new culvert could be used as a spawning and rearing habitat for local salmon and trout. For more information, read the release from WSDOT below.

Article: https://wsdot.wa.gov/news/2020/08/31/new-construction-method-helps-reopen-sr-203-south-duvall-more-quickly