AIT Bridges in Washington State

Washington DOT is replacing a bridge with a Composite Arch Bridge System on state route 203 in Duvall. This will be the first composite bridge system in the state. The project is over a fish passageway that is being widened to allow for better overall usage. Expedited bridge construction is expected to close travel in both direction for only one month.

Twelve composite arches, spanning 51 feet, were manufactured at AIT's Brewer warehouse and shipped to Duvall, Washington. For shipping purposes the arches have been spliced in half. AIT was able to ship 12 arch halves on one standard trucking bed, no permits required. On site, the contractor with the assistance of AIT engineers, will finish the splicing process, place the arches in the foundation, install the composite decking, and fill the arches with concrete.

Video: Composite Arch Manufacturing for Washington S.R 203

Washington DOT Press Release: