AIT Bridges featured in Composites World article.

AIT Bridges' Composite Arch Bridge System built in 2010 in Belfast, Maine.

A recent article from CompositesWorld features AIT Bridges alongside other composite infrastructure companies across the country. The article discusses different composite products currently being utilized in the infrastructure industry like manhole covers and sidewalk panels from Fibrelite, composite rebar from Owens Corning and composite pilings from Composite Advantage's. The article then touches on the history of AIT Bridges and our composite bridge systems. Here is an excerpt from Ken Sweeney and the article about the advantages of composites over traditional materials:

“'One of the advantages of working with composites is you’re not tied in tightly to very specific standardized designs and architectures,' says Ken Sweeney, president and chief engineer of AIT Bridges. 'With steel and concrete you’re kind of stuck with what strength and mechanical properties that they have. With composites you can architecturally design what you need to meet the requirements for the particular project, which is one of the big values that you get out of using composites.'”

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